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electric chainsaw

The electric chainsaw is one of the popular power tools mainly used for carrying out some minor or relatively smaller landscaping clean up tasks. Pruning and trimming small branches, splitting and felling small trees are some of the light duty jobs that can be done with the electric chainsaw. This power tool is very helpful for any household that requires regular cleanups. This tool is not highly powerful as other gas-driven tools. Henceforth it is used for light duty jobs. If you like to gain more knowledge on various power tools, then you should visit

This tool is also fastened with a power extension wire, which restricts the area of movement. The advantages of using an electric chainsaw are it is lighter, cheaper, quieter and easier to handle than the gas counterpart. For those who haven’t used the chainsaw before will find electric chainsaw easier and safer, when using for the first time. Now let us provide some tips for those, who are going to use this tool for the first time.

There are many things required before your begin learning on using the electric chainsaw. First, you need to have the user manual, helmet, safety gloves, safety goggles, hard hat, SAE 30 oil (if mentioned in the owner's manual) and 100-feet of heavy gauge extension cord. After having all these, you should select the type of project that you want to work on e.g. splitting a log or felling a tree.

Though this tool is relatively easier to handle, you should never take in your hand without any knowledge. Using without knowledge could end in a big mess and can even risk to your health. Before using the tool, you should go through the manual thoroughly. Each model of chainsaw comes with different specifications and instructions. Reading the manual can help you to know how to use the one that you have.

Most electric tools are required to be filled with only the SAE 30 weight oil. However, some tools may require different oil, which will be instructed in the user manual. This is also one of the main reasons, why you should never hesitate to read the user manual. You need to ensure that you fill the blade reservoir with the right type of oil mentioned in the user manual.

You should plug the power cord into a power outlet, if your cord is long enough, say 100 ft. If your power cord is lesser in length, then you should plug into a heavy duty extension cord.

You should give high priority to safety before using this tool. You have to wear the necessary safety gears such as safety boots, safety gloves, goggles and a hard hat or helmet. You should also know how to use these safety tools and see whether they are locked in perfect position.

You should start the machine as instructed by the manufacturer. Allow the chainsaw to run on idle so that chains are thoroughly lubricated by the oil. Then you should start practicing on using the tool. For practice, you should choose a relatively small or thinner wood or log.